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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm back from a short time away, Bermuda is a nice island if you ever get the chance to visit. I brought back some Barritts Ginger Beer so I can make a proper 'Dark 'n Stormy' as I've tried a lot of different brands of ginger beer here in Canada and none of them are quite right.

While I was away I missed some concerts I would have gone to if I was in the city, including Damien Rice and Keane.

I'm going to see Darren Hayes (former lead singer of Savage Garden) on June 15th, part of his small select North American club date tour. I never saw Savage Garden live so it will be a good show as I understand he is doing all their hits as well as solo material. He has a new album titled 'This Delicate Thing We've Made' that he is releasing on August 20th. You can hear some samples on his MySpace site.

Opening for Darren is the cool band Temposhark, wouldn't it be nice if Imogen Heap showed up to sing 'Not That Big' with the band.

I noticed Skye (former lead singer of Morcheeba) is playing a small club here in Toronto in late June, so I may go check her out as her 'Mind How You Go' cd is very good. I think it was 'XO's Middle Eight's' blog that first alerted me to the release, still enjoy the track 'Tell Me About Your Day'.

I see that there are a number of interesting remixes now on iTunes from Sweden's 'The Attic', hope to download them soon.


I was heartened to see that ABC decided to renew 'October Road' for the fall. As I've mentioned before I think the show has a lot of potential and look forward to seeing what the writers will do with a full season to work with.

I caught most of the season finale's for my favourite shows (missed Smallville though, I'll have to catch it as a repeat). Brother's And Sister's was pretty good, good to see it also got renewed. LOST was decent as was the 2 hour finale of 24. Not sure if I will watch another season of it as this past one was a bit weak.

American Idol had a pretty weak season ending also as some of the stronger singers didn't make it to the final. 'Canadian Idol' starts up it's summer run tonight, should be interesting to see how it goes this season.


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