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Monday, April 09, 2007


First off Happy Easter weekend to those who partake in this holiday. I had to work the weekend but am off today and had Thursday and Friday off so I can't complain.

The new Erasure cd - Light At The End Of The World has leaked, just listening to it now as I type, sounds okay so far.

Last week I saw Aqueduct from Seattle opening up for Youth Group from Australia. I had seen Youth Group a year or two ago do an acoustic in-store gig that was cool, and I like their cover of Forever Young.

Aqueduct were actually a lot of fun, it was unfortunate the whoever was doing the sound at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern didn't seem to know what they were doing (lots of strange distortion and a very bad audio mix in general). I think that Youth Group were also very unhappy with the sound person, they did comment once about the bass sound and the lead singer seemed pissed off at times. The band were fairly good but sometimes suffer from the 'most of our songs sound the same' dilemma that also plagues bands like The Fray. The new track 'Sorry' was probably the highlight, no encore and no 'Forever Young' which they've included on their new cd.

Two days later I went to see U.K. star James Morrison at his sold-out show at the MOD Club. James came out to lots of wild cheers and played a decent but short set with just a keyboard player. He actually seemed to have a decent personality and joked with the crowd quite a bit between songs. I was worried that it was going to be a boring show but he does have a strong voice live and managed to keep the energy level up. He hopes to be back with his full band, no doubt it will be at a larger venue (he did well selling out considering Toronto radio isn't playing him at all to my knowledge).

On a side note what is with concert goers these days? It seems like they are more interested in taking pictures of the artists with their cameras or cellphones than they are listening to the gig. Then there are the young girls and even some grown men who insist on talking throughout the show like we all went to listen to them and not the artist. I guess normally I'm closer to the stage at gigs and don't have to deal with these issues but at the Morrison show I had to put up with the worst kind of patrons.

No October Road this week on ABC, the teaser for next weeks fifth episode looks good!!

Still loving the Lo-Fi-Fnk, below is a link to download the cool Teenagers remix of the City track from the amazing Boylife cd.

Lo-Fi-Fnk - City (The Teenagers remix)


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