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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Today I decided to listen to the amazing cd by The Feeling - Twelve Stops & Home as I hadn't listened to it in a while. It is definitely one of the best albums from 2006 and it is a shame things haven't clicked yet in North America. The label should have passed on 'Sewn' as the first single here and gone with 'Love It When You Call'. I hope they rush release it as a single for radio and make a decent effort to get the guys some airplay. Not that they sound the same but if they can get Mika on the radio they should be able to get The Feeling out there. I was hoping the guys would be back in Toronto after their gig with The Fray but no such luck. I hope the band's fortunes change over here so they can become huge and enjoy the success they deserve.

J'ason over at Chart Rigger has a great interview with frontman Dan Gillespie-Sells that is worth checking out.


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