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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Photo copyright KulPop

The bad news, I didn't get to meet Mika today while he was in Toronto, the great news is that I went to his amazing sold out concert. If you have tickets for an upcoming Mika show you may not want to read this review as it may spoil any surprises you may be in store for at one of his concerts.

The MOD Club was decorated with lots of balloons and as you entered you were greeted by clowns who were making balloon sculptures (one of them was on stilts). There was no opening band, the show started with what the set list calls 'Relax Intro' which sounded like a remix of Dolly Parton's '9 to 5'. Mika bound onto the stage in purple pants (that were constantly falling down slightly as he danced around) and a brown hoodie and played the uptempo tracks 'Relax (Take It Easy)' and 'Big Girl'. He really has fun on stage and it comes across and the crowd ate it up. The set list is below and he played most tracks from his debut album 'Life In Cartoon Motion'. He also played a new track 'Holy Johnny', a cover of Everybody's Talkin' (a Harry Nilsson song) and talked to the audience a little bit between some songs. He ended the main set with his hit 'Grace Kelly'.

The encore was the wildest part of the show. The entire band came out wearing costumes and enacted a bit of a Teddy Bear's picnic play (on YouTube) and then performed 'Lollipop'. Below is a photo of Mika in full costume singing. During the song bubbles came from the ceiling of the club and they threw out 10 or 15 huge balloons for the audience to play with. Mika has a great live band also (the guitarist threw out lollipops to the audience at the end of the show), but it sounded like he may be using some backing tracks, maybe it was just where I was standing, hard to tell.

Photo copyright KulPop

Mika has the X Factor as some people call it, plain and simple HE'S A STAR!. He is a decent singer who writes great pop songs and has a fun engaging personality that will continue to garner him a larger fanbase. I fully recommend checking out his live show (if you can get a ticket) as soon he will be playing much larger venues as he is selling a lot of records (in the U.K and Canada) and Canadian radio has started to play 'Grace Kelly' in heavy rotation.

Click here to get to a site where you can listen to and download Mika's cover of 'Everybody's Talkin'


Relax Intro
Relax (Take It Easy)
Big Girl
My Interpretation
Billy Brown
Over My Shoulder
Everybody's Talkin' (cover of Harry Nilsson song)
Stuck In The Middle
Ring Ring
Love Today
Grace Kelly



Blogger Poster Girl said...

Great review! I would love to see one of his shows...hopefully he'll do one near here someday--they sound like a lot of fun!

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