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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I'm really annoyed with Apple computers these days after they basically forced me to download iTunes 7 and it has screwed up my music library. Because they weren't allowing me to access the iTunes Music Store with my well trusted iTunes 6 I reluctantly downloaded iTunes 7 to my Mac Mini. It froze up the computer and wouldn't function properly. As I have a 4th Generation iPod (no need for videos or album artwork) I called them up to see about reloading iTunes 6. They told me what files to trash and I downloaded iTunes 6 again. Then it wouldn't accept my playlist because it had been created by a newer version of iTunes. So I deleted it and redownloaded iTunes 7 and all of my music and playlists and purchased music is gone, there is absolutely nothing in iTunes. I realize the music is still in my computer, but the effort to transfer everything back into iTunes and re-rate the songs and recreate playlists will be a real time waster.

If anyone has any advice on how I can recover my playlists and ratings etc. please leave a comment with help. As my computer no longer is covered by their AppleCare service they want me to spend money for them to solve the problem caused by their software. I'm certainly not going to connect my iPod to my computer in case I lose everything on it also. So I can't listen to my iTunes on my computer and my iPod will remain with no way to add new music to it until this problem is solved.

On a more positive note I recently received the Universal Poplab cd titled 'Uprising' and it is very good.


Blogger Ben Poole said...

Let's clarify one thing here: You've not lost your music. The iTunes database has screwed-up.

You have a few options. iTunes usually makes back-up files as it goes, so hunt around in your music folder (in the iTunes sub-directory) for those. Re-name them & fire up iTunes, see if that does anything. If you need step-by-step help, the Apple support docs and forums are quite good for help in this regard.

The worst-case scenario is that you have to re-create your library by opening iTunes 7 and re-adding everything in your music directory. If you want to then re-create all your playlists there are Applescripts out there which do that for you, no problem (google "Doug's iTunes AppleScripts")

9:30 AM  
Blogger Poster Girl said...

I wish I could help you, but I'm not techy at all...I hope it all works out, though!

I don't know why I hadn't considered buying that Universal Poplab CD yet--I've got two songs from it and really like both of them. I may have to go listen to the preview clips, but, if you say it's really good, I think I might go order it!

3:52 PM  

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