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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Some interesting news on the Thompson Twins front. There is a comment from a promoter on the Regeneration Tour voting for bands to tour next year section that he has been talking to Alannah Currie and Tom Bailey of the band recently and that Alannah might be game for a reunion tour if the money was right. He mentions that Tom Bailey may be a much 'harder sell'.

There is also an article in today's U.K. Guardian (and one in the Independent) about Alannah and her new life as a chair artist-upholsterer (she goes under the moniker Miss Pokeno - named after a small New Zealand town that was bypassed by the Auckland motorway). It is interesting to hear what she is up to and what people are paying for her work. You can see samples of her work (like the chair she's sitting in above) that sometimes include roadkill animals stuffed by a taxidermist at this website for her upcoming solo exhibit in London. Her comment about a possible Thompson Twins tour -- "I'd rather vomit on my boots." So we're getting mixed messages from Alannah if we are to believe Rick from Red Entertainment, but let's hope someone with deep pockets offers them enough money to reform and tour (ideally with Joe Leeway as well).

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