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Thursday, March 27, 2008


My Mac Mini has had a major hard drive meltdown so it's off to the shop. I'm hoping they can retrieve all the files otherwise they're gone. Just bought a 500GB external hard drive but I should have bought it ages ago and backed everything up.

So I won't be posting much until it is fixed and/or I get a new hard drive installed.

UPDATE March 30: Computer files retrieved, I was lucky, computer back up and running. Thanks Mac Station.

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Blogger Paul said...

oh no! It's kinda heartbreaking when that happens. the least helpful thing people can say is "oh you should've backed it up" - i went thru the same thing a while back and experienced excessive rage at those type of comments :( Anyway hope all is recovered shortly - if not and you need some music give me a holler...

3:54 AM  
Blogger KulPop said...

Thanks for the kind words Paul. I'm happy to say that they were able to retrieve most of the files and $350 later I have a larger hard drive and more RAM than before, now to figure out how to backup everything on the new external hard drive.



10:11 AM  

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