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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I haven't talked much about Season 8 of American Idol on this blog, I have posted comments on other blogs that are following the competition more closely. Last night was okay, but I have to say the the "Idol song" - "No Boundaries" is horrible, plain and simple. The producers and Kara DioGuardi should all be embarrassed that it was used, a very bad case of nepotism. The lyrics are pedestrian and it certainly doesn't have much of a hook, and it didn't suit either Adam or Kris.

Kudos to Randy Jackson for being the only judge to actually critique the performances of "No Boundaries" while to other judges copped out. I look forward to hearing both Kris and Adam's cds, I pity the one that has to release "No Boundaries" as their first single, it is so WEAK!

I've said from the beginning of the Top 10 that Kris is going to win the season and I stand by that prediction today, should be an interesting show tonight.

UPDATE: Nice to see Kris Allen win Season 8 of American Idol (what a jam packed finale). After listening to the studio recordings of "No Boundaries" by both Kris and Adam (Allen's version is better) it sounds a bit better but I still think generally it is a weak song with cheesy/predictable lyrics. This season was full of favoritism and nepotism, they better cut that kind of stuff out next year, just critique the performances and get a better song for the winner to perform.

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