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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Some thoughts on the new Coldplay cd after a few listens: I prefer the acoustic version of 'Lost' to the final cd version, not a fan of the handclaps, but I prefer the final mix of "Lovers In Japan" to the acoustic version. Would liked to have seen "Life In Technicolour" been fleshed out into a longer song. The title track "Viva la Vida" is probably the strongest track on the cd, but I enjoy "Yes" and "The Escapist" as well.

Nice to see choreographer Mia Michaels continue to showcase the music of Imogen Heap on the show "So You Think You Can Dance". This past week during the final auditions in Las Vegas Mia used the b-side track 'Mic Check' for her contemporary dance routine.

Enjoying the new Royworld cd 'Man In The Machine', definitely worth checking out. Their MySpace site.

I've read bits about Gotye here and there and just found a great remix of his single 'Heart's A Mess' over at Good Weather For Airstrikes. I'm not usually a fan of dance remixes but the Ocelot remix is great, and make sure you check the comments to get Diane's link to the DLake remix of the song which is very good also. The original single mix is pretty good too.

Been reading a bit on Brenden James who just recently released his Mikal Blue produced debut cd titled "The Day Is Brave". The album overall is good (there are a few weak tracks), but definitely worth checking out if your into the singer/songwriter stuff. He'll be playing shows with the likes of Landon Pigg, Ari Hest and Jason Reeves over the coming months with dates across the U.S., check out his site to listen to some of the album's songs.

Swe Pop has the new Ola single "Feelgood" up for download, get it while you can.

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Blogger Stacy said...

Sit with him at the piano and listen to his voice, it's intense, sucks you right in. I think he's great.

Stacy Blue

1:22 AM  

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