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Friday, November 23, 2007


There are a bunch of planned remix releases for the Human League, check out Electronically Yours for details and to watch the video for one remix there. Found a link to the Kissy Sell Out remix of the classic League track
'Things That Dreams Are Made Of' from the classic pop album Dare!

Good to see October Road make it's return to primetime last night on ABC, and nice to see that CTV has picked it up for Canada. Hopefully they will give it a chance on not shuffle it around and eventually drop it or shuffle it off to one of their new CHUM channels like they did with 'Everwood' (shuffled around the schedule and then dropped) and 'Dirty Sexy Money' (shoved it over to A Channel).

If weather permits I hope to trek around the Stanley Park seawall this weekend as it reopened fully last week.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Photo copyright KulPop

Wow. Ben Lee never disappoints a crowd when he performs live (at least none of the many gigs I've seen over the years). Tonight he shone again as he performed 23 songs, some acoustic solo and most with his guitarist/keyboard/percussionist/background vocalist Nick Jones. Vocally he's never sounded better and his fans love him a lot, and he genuinely seems to appreciate his fans. The set list is listed below, some tracks from his latest cd 'Ripe', a couple of covers and a variety of other tracks from his fairly long career for such a young guy.

One of the highlights was when he decided to perform something new, a cover of Silverchair's song 'Straight Lines'. Cary Brothers and one of his band mates joined Ben on stage after Ben went backstage to grab his Blackberry which he used to read the lyrics from. I video taped the performance on my camera which ended in Ben stage diving into the crowd.

Later he mentioned that he had lost a button off his jacket during the stage dive and that if anyone found it he would appreciate getting it back. During the last song of the set, an unplugged (until near the end) version of We're All In This Together a young woman handed him his lost button and he commented on how that was an example of what the song was all about. He wasn't planning to do an encore but after quite a while of the crowd cheering he did come back out and performed two more songs. He said he plans to be back in the city on tour again in the New Year, something to watch out for. I spoke with Ben for a second after the gig and recounted my Birthday story to him and he signed my copy of 'Ripe', the perfect ending to my birthday.

A quick note about one of his opening act - Cary Brothers (it is a guy, not a group of brothers like the other opening band, the duo called the Kahn Brothers). Cary was great, performing tracks from his new cd 'Who You Are'. One of the songs he performed is a cover of the Thompson Twins 80's hit 'If You Were Here' that gained fame from being featured in the John Hughes film 'Sixteen Candles' (and you can hear the cover on his MySpace page). I spoke with Cary briefly after the show and asked him about the cover (I was a huge TT fan back in the day), and he said he has always loved the track and decided to record it. He said it is starting to get some radio play in the U.S., and that he recently received an email from Alannah Currie giving her blessing to the cover.

Ben Lee - Richard's On Richards - Vancouver November 6th, 2007

Back In Your Life
American Television
How Can That Be?
Into The Dark
Love Me Like The World Is Ending
cover of Against Me's song 'Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart'
The Debt Collectors
Close I've Come
Is This How Love's Supposed To Feel?
snippet of Cary Brother's song 'Jealousy'
Ache For You
Cigarettes Will Kill You
cover of Silverchair's song 'Straight Lines'
Sex Without Love
Catch My Disease
We're All In This Together

Gamble Everything For Love
Whatever It Was

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Imogen Heap has a new video blog up on YouTube, number 12 in the series. The biggest news she talks about is that she's been asked to record a song for the soundtrack to the television series 'Heroes'. The song she wants to use sounds like it will also be on her next studio album, the track is called 'Not Now But Soon'. I think they used her song 'Hide & Seek' on early promo spots for the series.

I'm really enjoying the new cd by Danish band 'Private' called 'My Secret Lover'. The track 'Let's Make Love (Underneath The Appletree)' has a bit of a Human League feel to it and I love the track 'We Got Some Breaking Up To Do'.

Also enjoying the 'Metro Station' and 'Mighty Six Ninety' albums.

Good to hear that 'Lorraine' are still together and plan to release and album (finally) next year.

Several blogs have mentioned Australian band 'Grafton Primary', definitely worth checking out. Nick over at #1 Hits From Another Planet features the title track to their newly released EP.

I haven't gone to a movie in the theatres in a long time but went to see 'American Gangster' yesterday and it was pretty good.

I should be enjoying having gained an extra hour of sleep due to the time change but it appears some as#&ole has moved into the condo next to me and returned at 2:30 in the morning and decided to crank their stereo up and continue partying (they had done the same earlier but must have gone out for a few hours). I hope this doesn't become a regular annoyance (glad I'm only renting and can move out and that I didn't spend the going rate of $400,000.00 + for these units).

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