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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Stuart Price along with Adam Blake and Johnny Blake are back up and running as Zoot Woman and have just released their new cd 'Things Are What They Used To Be'. The band has a bunch of live dates for Europe in the works, see them and check out the album at their MySpace page. Their cd "Living In A Magazine' from 2001 is still an all time favourite of mine and the new cd returns with a nice update to that sound. This could be my favourite CD of the year and that is only after a couple of listens, FANTASTIC stuff. Buy the new CD here or here. Follow them on Twitter also.

Here's a blurb about the new album from their website: 'Right from the pulsing hook line of “We Won’t Break”, feeding an addiction to emotional melody in “Lonely By Your Side” and “More Than Ever”, then to be shaken up by the pounding stadium electro of “Witness”. Not to mention the pristine pop of “Just A Friend Of Mine” and desperate yearning of “M.E.M.O.R.Y”. “Blue Sea” is a delicate departure, craving escapism, relief and change in order to remedy something. Prominent moments include the dirty, sexy “Lust Forever", "Saturation" and the love and obsession fuelled “Live In My Head”. The cerebral track “Take You Higher” is an almost psychedelic dream as the record takes a breath. Zoot Woman brings with this new album a sound and collection of songs so fresh that still carries the essence of what we know and love.'

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