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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I’ve managed to watch a fair number of the new series for 2007 and here is my quick round up and thoughts:

Dirty Sexy Money – Wasn’t blown away by the premiere but I heard the series improves and the fact that Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Brothers And Sisters) is one of the producers I will give it a chance and watch the next few episodes (also because I like some of the cast including the cute Samaire Armstrong).

Chuck – Have watched the first two episodes and find it somewhat enjoyable but I have a feeling I will be dropping it soon.

Journeyman – Okay, have on in background while doing computer work, not a must see.

Gossip Girl – Doesn’t come close to all the hype, doubt it will last more than one season.

K-Ville – Watched the series premier, didn’t make the cut unfortunately.

Kid Nation – Okay to flip to during commercials while watching another show, not a must see.

Reaper – Same as above

Cane – First episode was okay albeit a bit predictable. Will give Jimmy Smits a bit more of a chance but feel it may not keep my interest.

Bionic Woman – First episode was not bad, could be a dark horse hit for the season.

Pushing Daisies – Premieres tonight – I have high hopes for this series.

Big Shots – Premiere was just okay, doubt I’ll keep watching this one.

Moonlight – Not a great premiere – doubt I’ll watch any more episodes.

Enjoying the returns of Smallville, Prison Break, Ugly Betty and Brothers And Sisters, and still watching ER and Survivor China.

Looking forward to the third season of Weeds starting up in Canada next week.


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